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How to automate the cutting of a project by timecode?

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Hello everyone! How to automate the cutting of a project (with many uploaded videos) by timecode (in an external text/table file)? That's about the way it is in Adobe Premier here:

How do I use shell commands for this?

Perhaps this task is easier solved by another program, such as Avidemux + terminal emulator?

I searched all the internets, but I didn't find an answer — although I'm sure that what I want is possible.

Thank you very much!

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A few people have read your question and so far no one has any answer of how to do this.  Cinelerra is currently not really set up to do this.   Since Adobe Premier only runs on Windows and costs money, I suppose it is not the alternative you would be looking for.

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Personally, I don't think it can be done in CinGG. Hopefully some coder will be able to do it....