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Any idea why Cin Appimages will not start on MX Linux, neither the Xfce desktop nor KDE? I tried about 6, but when I tried other Appimages including Kdenlive, Shotcut and Olive they all worked.

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That is a surprise but I have to idea.  I will ask MatN as he is much more versatile on this subject then I am and may be has MX Linux loaded.

If you got any error messages, could you paste them here?


Which version of MxLinux are you using? Latest stable version is 19.4 .

If you start the AppImage from a terminal, do you see any error messages?


I tested on MxLinux 19.4, fully updated then booted just before the test, 64 bit, kernel 4.19.0-5-amd64.

The CinGG-20210831-x86_64-older_distros.AppImage started (from a terminal window) fine, the CinGG-20210831-x86_64.AppImage and CinGG-20210831-multibit.AppImage did not, due to missing (newer) libraries. This is exactly which this "older" version is there. I was running inside a VirtualBox VM, but for this that should not matter.

It might be that if you have the updated MxLinux with 5.10 kernel the newer ones might work.



Thank you for testing!


Like Mat said, try the older AppImage tomorrow when you get time.

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I was testing the latest live image of MX Linux, 19.4, while considering a possible distro change. It never occurred to me to try the older distros version of Cin, 19.4 being the latest MX, so why should it? I had mounted the Manjaro home folder and simply tried one or two appimages, the non-Cin ones just to make sure Appimages would work on MX.

Thanks Mat, it worked, the older distros version starts.

Phyllis, I did try from a terminal after Mat suggested it and got quite a lengthy error message, but as it's live distro it would be a PITA to set up to post here. In essence, it is a list of missing libraries.

Thanks for a speedy solution.

MatN 07/09/2021 11:07 am

@dejay "Older" refers to the libraries available in a system. The kernel version is a good guide for that. It does not matter that MX 19.4 cames out 6 months ago, but that it uses kernel 4.19 and associated libraries, like libc . That still matters even though the AppImage includes quite a lot of libraries already. Debian (from which MX is a direct implementation as far as I know) goes for stability, not the latest-and-greatest, therefore has older, longer tested, software.

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Understood Mat, I guess I have been spoilt by being a Manjaro user for several years and expecting the latest of everything.

Thanks again and thanks Phyllis.