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How to edit 1 audio track

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This is my first day using CinGG-20211130, my previous VideoEditor was LightWorks.

I tried to select 1 audio track, but any segment selection is always including all the tracks, video and audio.

I tried to disarm tracks with the open padlock, but it wasn't enough for selecting and then working on a single track.

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It sounds like you are doing everything correctly, unless I misunderstand.  Here is a demo showing editing 1 audio track without editing the other tracks and it seems like that is exactly what your are doing.

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Darkad Topic starter 03/01/2022 8:37 pm

@phylsmith2004 Thanks for replying. Everything clear.


I just tried it using the latest version (20211231) and it worked for me. I disarmed all tracks except for one audio track and could freely make adjustments on that track without affecting the other one. 

Re-reading your post, are you trying to select and remove one audio segment? If so, when you highlight the segment to remove, you will highlight everything above and below that segment, but you will only remove the segment on the armed track.

Phyllis, your link doesn't work.

Darkad Topic starter 03/01/2022 8:39 pm

@dejay Thanks for replying, your explanation was excellent!


The correct link is: