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Odd trimming behaviour

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I find that when trimming clips, despite all relevant tracks being armed, sometimes when dragging the end handle the audio tracks do not follow the video. Once corrected by dragging the audio handle, it is likely that the next few edits will perform as expected. I have yet to see a pattern emerge.

The clips are straight off the camera and no video/audio decoupling has been done.

Can I ask one more question, hopefully a quickie, is there any way to add two audio transitions together rather than one track at a time?

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What do you think?



In Resources window, click with RMB (Right Mouse Button) on the clip, choose "Info..."
option and in the "Asset info" window press "Detail" button.
You can see the info about Video and Audio streams. Look at frms/secs for the video stream and smpl/secs for the audio stream.
May occur the secs info of the video and audio are a bit differents. So, in the timeline the right edge of the that video is not aligned to the right edge of its audio for 1-3 frames.
How to solve: highlight the last frames, video and audio, and cut (you can use X or DEL shortcut).
Now you can use Ripple, Rolling, Slip, Slide tools with the mouse: the right edge of video and audio will move together.

About the question "is there any way to add two audio transitions together rather than one track at a time?"
If I understand correctly, I guess you insert audio transition with Drag and Drop.
A different way is:
Tracks armed, in the timeline move the insertion point on a cut, then...
1. Menu-> Audio-> Attach Transition...-> Crossfade
2. Press "U" shortcut for your Default Transition.

If you want to insert the same transition on all the audio cuts,...
Highlight the area of interest and use point #1 above.

It works so for the Video too.

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Thanks Igor, both tips gratefully received, but I have to ask: Is it likely that the audio and video can be different lengths when recorded in the same camcorder and not separated when, or transcoded before, importing?


I don't know. I have videos from different photocameras and smartphones: the videos from photocameras are okay, those from smartphones do not.

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Well, I'm using a professional camcorder, so wouldn't expect this. However I am back to long GOP, having been shooting all-i with my X-T3 and I think maybe it's that because, having zoomed the timeline in at a faulty trim, I see the audio waveform trace has stopped and become a flat red line before the end of the video.

Your tips, or trimming in Viewer before insertion solve the problem. I bet there's a long thread about this phenomenon on some forum somewhere! 😀 


I'm using a professional camcorder, so wouldn't expect this.

I agree with you and I think the X-T3 is an amazing photocamera, reading the technical information.
However I noticed that constant frame rate videos don't have the problem of the different lenght between video and audio.
May be your video are recorded with variable frame rate? Could you check it with Mediainfo program, or other tools you use, please?

Also I always use the Viewer window to trim before inserting them in the Timeline because, I think, it is the best way.

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Yes the X-T3 is excellent, but for my style of shooting a camcorder is more practical, hence the change back to one.

It shoots 422 10-bit MOV at a constant framerate, 25fps in my case.

I prefer to trim on the timeline, although I have trimmed in the viewer window previously. I will have to use whichever method I find most convenient after a bit of comparison testing.

I needed to transcode the footage for different reasons, but it makes no difference to the trimming performance.

Thanks again.