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Transition between two edits with differents effects

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IgorBeg offers an instructional video on a particular use of Transitions.

"Usually, like all of us know, the right way for the Transition is like
in my screenshot:

the A-edit in the bottom track and the B-edit in the top track. But if your A-edit have not enough frames or, at the end
of your work, you want to put the Transition without move all the edits position you may follow my workaround:"

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Another workaround for the problem "with transitioning between two edits when an effect is placed on either of them, when transitioning between edit A and edit B, with an effect placed on Edit A (such as colour correction), as the transition hits Edit B the effect placed on Edit A is suddenly removed and the end part of Edit A is seen without the effect, so that it reverts to its raw colours which is quite noticeable".

This workaround makes use of nested clips:

This works around the problem caused by a design flaw that has to do with the stacking order of the plugins and how they are handled.