• Potential performance improvements include the following: 1) Speed improvements for line drawing using Bresenham’s algorithm has been implemented.
    2) Performance enhancements on the timeline for video/audio re-draws has been added.
    3) Threading is now used on media loads so that Audio and Video can be loaded simultaneously using multiple cpu-s.
    4) Hardware acceleration using vdpau for files of type yuvj420p are no longer reverting to software.
  • A partially translated Spanish version of the Manual is being gradually worked. It is here.
  • Additional improvements to the Videoscope plugin and on the Compositor and Viewer include a cleaner layout and a “Refresh on Stop” option for better viewing performance.
  • Collect and Paste a stack of effects is now available using the MMB on a track.
  • The BoxBlur plugin has a method to define a rectangular area to blur just that spot.