• The current operational characteristics of Masking are temporarily documented at:
  • Some of the latest Mask changes are listed here next:
    – Six more buttons in the Mask Points section for Point, Curve, or All of Linear or Smooth to automatically smooth or un-smooth parts of the mask which saves some tedious work.
    – Cloning and Preset Shapes are now available. You can Load, Save, or Delete Preset shapes such as a Circle, Oval, Square, or Triangle and Save/Load/Delete your own on any video track.
    – Center and Normalize buttons have been added to center a mask and normalize the size based on the scale of the video track.
    – The Enable buttons can now be used to enable/disable particular masks so that they are not subject to any All or Gang functions. This is in effect for Feather, Fade, Translate, Scale, and Rotate.
    – Addition of X/Y scaling in 1 direction so that now you have scaling in both directions (default) simultaneously as well as just scaling in the X direction or the Y direction. This also applies to Translate so that you can move a small distance in one direction without impacting the other.
  • Rectified Audio Waveforms have been added as a Preference choice for the Timeline.
  • Added a Compositor background color choice via Settings->Preferences, Appearance.