• Several changes have been made to Masking in the Compositor and the GUI layout has been modified. Changes include:
    – addition of Rotate and Scale around a focus point with X,Y values defined
    – you can use Names for the mask 0-7 numbers, up to 8 standard characters
    – Feather has been rewritten to be faster and is now working as expected in OpenGL
    – The Mode button for multiply/subtract alpha has been replaced with a Fade slider bar
    – Gang was added for both Fade and Feather to be able to change all masks in conjunction
    – radio buttons have been added for each mask to make switching faster along with a tumbler.
  • A new inspired theme, Cakewalk, is now available as created by Olaf. This is a complete redesign with emphasis on making clear the items that need to be noticed.
  • French and German translation updates were contributed with more phrases translated and improved.
  • Encode hardware acceleration for vaapi on Intel graphics board should help to speed up rendering for certain codecs.  In addition the decode hardware acceleration has had more options added for flexibility.
  • Shell commands now allow for scripts using argv substitution of Resource window asset names to be used from inside Cinelerra.