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Vector graphics program Inkscape 1.0 was released

Vector graphics program Inkscape 1.0 was released

New enhancements in Inkscape 1.0 After almost three years of development, the free open source vector graphics program Inkscape has been released in version 1.0. Inkscape has been around much longer and was first released in 2003 and has been used productively by many...

A partially translated Manual in Spanish

The Manual is gradually being translated from English to Spanish by a knowledgeable user. The Introduction and Installation chapters are complete and the beginning of the 4+ Windows is done through page 32. You can view this here.

Manual for CinelerraGG Update News

The Cinelerra manual has been converted from LibreOffice to LaTeX and the new PDF file is now available for viewing or download here. This represents a big step forward and is the culmination of great work by many people. More improvements are still needed and your...