FFmpeg has been upgraded to the latest 5.1 version from previous 4.4

10 new Audio plugins included are:
F_adecorrelate, F_adynamicequalizer, F_adynamicsmooth, F_afwtdn, F_alatency, F_apsyclip,
F_aspectralstats, F_atilt, F_tiltshelf, F_virtualbass
11 new Video plugins included are:
F_blockdetect, F_blurdetect, F_colorchart, F_colorspectrum, F_grayworld,
F_hsvhold, F_hsvkey, F_latency, F_pixelize, F_scharr, F_siti

There are now additional render formats which are less frequently used to include:
apng.apng, avif.avif
avrp.qt, avui.qt, ayuv.qt, cljr.qt, r10k.qt, rpza.qt, v408.qt, y41p.qt, yuv4.qt
ffvhuff.mov, flashsv1.flv, flashsv2.flv
pfm.pfm, phm.phm, qoi.qoi – single frame