• Website now includes a French translation, courtesy Olivier Humbert, in addition to Italian and German. There has been interest at https://librazik.tuxfamily.org, the LibraZiK digital audio-software music studio, in using CinelerraGG.

  • Usage of the graphics board GPU in certain cases will result in decode speed up for playback. To make this option available, you will need to install your Operating System’s libva-dev and libvdpau-dev (or libva and libvdpau). Without these libraries installed, Cin will not start and you will see a message that looks something like:

           error while loading shared libraries: libva.so.1 cannot …

    A description of how to take possible advantage of this speed up is temporarily in GPU_potential_speedup.pdf in the download area.

  • 15 of the native plugins now have a Clear button by the slider bar for much better control, courtesy a user contributor. This includes Brightness, Color Balance, Hue Saturation, Sharpen, and others as listed in the Release Notes.
  • The Tracer plugin is new and allows for tracing around an object using an outline. This is very useful to more exactly mask out a logo, for example.  A short description is in Tracer_plugin.pdf temporarily in the download area.
  • More than 30 small issues and bugs have been addressed in this latest release. That is more than usual for 1 month.