In an effort to make Cinelerra-GG Infinity (v2018-12 Download) more fully meet user expectations, extra hard work went into this month’s builds.  Although there were extra testers, because of such pervasive changes be sure to use caution and report issues.  Read releasenotes.pdf in download area for more info.

New features which were added include the list below.

  • Inter-View mode / Identifying Source Targets shows in the Resources window preview where the media is used or unused, plus allows for seeing that portion in the viewer and positioning along the timeline.

  • Cut and Paste behavior for moving, deleting, inserting, and grouping edits with various options has been added.  In the same area Dragging changes and improvements have been made.

  • Color titles per media/proxy files is now an option with Autoselect colors or Self-color.

  • View Thumbnail size, Vicon memory size, and Vicon color mode are now settable in Preferences
    to allow for bigger or less pixelated thumbnails when previewing.

  • Preview window zoom scale for vicons in the Resources window using the middle mouse wheel.