For current or more recent operating system versions of Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, and Fedora the new CinGG packages are here.

For older operating system versions, either 64 or 32 bit, AppImages will be in this subdirectory.

There are quite a few small changes in this latest version and several updated libraries.

– A new feature is in the Resources window which now include sar/dar values when detected for the codec and container if you click on a Media file info/details.
– Maxchannels for audio is no longer limited to 6 and will allow for up to 32 in most cases.
– Color3way, Histogram, and Videoscope with the rgba-float color model now allow you to display greater than 0 -1.0f values to accomodae HDR. So there is no clipping but you must use the X11 graphics driver.
– X265 library has been updated from version 3.5 to snapshot of 17-12-2023.
– Libsndfile is now at version 1.2.2 from 1.0.28 previously. Libsndfile is a C library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound through one standard library interface.
– Libaom is updated to 3.8.0 which requires a newer cmake than 3.4.0 did. Therefore, the CinGG-20240131-x86_64-older-distros.AppImage and CinGG-20240131-alternative_shortcuts.AppImage, which are based on Ubuntu 16, were built with libaom version 3.4.0.
– Libsvtav1 is a buildable option for newer distros. SVT-AV1 is an encoder adopted by AOMedia as the basis for future development of AV1 and scales fairly well across many CPU cores.