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AV Linux 2020.4.10 Released with Cin-GG April 2020 build!


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Hi Cin-GG Friends!

Just passing along the release of AV Linux 2020.4.10. Cinelerra GG is now the sole Editor included in AV Linux..


Is it possible to upgrade an existing install? E.g. Mint allows this, I did not find such an upgrade feature so far in AVLinux.

Hi MatN

Not in this case because I have moved from Debian 9 to Debian 10, There are just too many deep system changes and differences in an upgrade like that, I could literally spend a month working on just that and still it would fail for some users with unknown external repository packages.. AV Linux is a small niche-focused mostly one-person project and I don't have expertise in the same types of things a large Distro like Mint has.

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Yeah! Downloading it now so we have it to test and play with.  Surprised you still have a 32-bit version available.


Hi Phyllis, thanks!

Actually the 32bit version of the last 2019.4.10 release (based on Debian Stretch) is still available but there is no 'new' 32bit release.