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Copy plugin keyframes and shorten or lengthen an effect plugin

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I hope you are well. I have a problem and I would have liked to know if it is possible to copy the keyframes of a plugin to the same plugin? Indeed I used F_noise and I modified the settings but suddenly it's too long. So I would like to add the same plugin in the same place but over a shorter period and copy the different keyframes from the first instance of F_noise to the second.

On the other hand, perhaps it would be more practical to shorten the length of the first F_noise on the timeline, thus keeping all the settings without having to paste them? but I also did not find how to do it, is it possible?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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It seems like there is probably a way to do this.  I hope someone else knows.


Do you know of a way?


I don't think ffmpeg's filters support keyframe's copy/paste. For CinGG's native plugins the following manual page applies:

cincity 02/07/2024 12:55 pm
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This is very useful 🙂

Is it possible not to copy standard keyframes e.g. fades?

Just disable the displaying of these keyframes?



Hi @chapolin,

if it can help you, take a look at the screencast (sorry, no subtitles instruction for a fast reply,... two days later):

Of course, if you have other effects, one on top of the other and with keyframes, a different workaround is necessary (like Shared Effect, for example).

Let me know if without subtitles it is clear for you, or less.

PS: thanks @phylsmith2004 for the "call". 🙂

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Thank you very much for your answers and help 🙂

@IgorBeg  I understand well with the video 🙂 It work now to copy paste effects.

I will now look in the manual what is "shared effects"

On the other hand I have not found how to lengthen or shorten an effect already installed on the timeline, is it possible?



@chapolin wrote:

On the other hand I have not found how to lengthen or shorten an effect already installed on the timeline, is it possible?

You can do that like you can do for the edit in the Timeline: How Ripple, Rolling, Slip and Slide work

For the Effects take a look at How to stack Effects better... and Detach  (about from 1:34)

Those Tutorials are also in Cinelerra-gg YouTube channel, but in my site you can download them and then see offline.

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@IgorBeg   It work well now. I had to go to set the mouse buttons in the preferences. Thank you very much for the help :)!



Good to know. Thanks!


I added here the link to another my ugly tutorial about Keyframes: it is more complete, I think.

Autos and Plugins (Effects) keyframes: Copy and Paste

However, I think, all of You always know those.

@andreapaz @phylsmith2004 @Sam and ALL.
If You think it is good enough for CinGG youtube channel You are free to use it. Thank you.