The Debian Stretch based AV Linux operating system, optimized for audio and video production, brings some new improvements and updates.
It will be the last 32bit version and will only be available for 64bit in the future.

Here is the direct excerpt from the AV Linux 2019.04.10 changelog of AV Linux News:

Refreshed expired Repository Keys for WineHQ and Spotify.Updated and Fixed Repositories for New Cinelerra-GG site.
Updated and Synced all Debian and 3rd Party Repos (including KXStudio).
Fixed VBox Guest Additions removal script to allow /etc/rc.local to remain executable and enable Automount of external drives. (thanks korakios)
Fixed missing ‘linvstconverttree’ in LinVST.
Removed some obsoleted udev rules.
Installed and configured new Numix Circle Theme with AVL Customizations.
Updated Mixbus Demo to 5.2.191.
Updated LSP Plugins to 1.1.9.
Updated LinVST to 2.4.3 (now provided and working on 32bit and 64bit ISOs).
Removed redundant ‘ArdourVST’ build on 32bit ISO.
Updated Dragonfly Reverb Plugins to 1.1.2.
Added KPP plugins 1.0+GIT
Added AViDemux (very handy Video tool)

AV Linux is a Linux version with a special kernel optimized for maximum performance and low latency to meet the requirements for optimal audio production. In addition, AV Linux comes with a lot of pre-configured audio and video tools that would have to be laboriously configured by hand. Cinelerra-GG Infinity is pre-installed with AV-Linux, so it’s perfect for testing and working.

Download AV Linux 2019.04.10